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Monitor Website’s Uptime with Google Docs

You can also use Google Docs to monitor your website(s) and, unlike the commercial services, Google imposes no restrictions. You can track any number of websites with Google Docs and it will send email /text alerts in case of any issues. And this DIY website monitoring tool is absolutely free.

Here’s how you quickly configure Google Docs to monitor the uptime /downtime of your website(s). This has to done just once and Google Docs will continuously monitor all your sites in the background.

Let’s get started:

to your Google account and then click on
Click Here
to copy this Google sheet into your Google Drive. You may use your Google Apps account as well.
Put your website URLs in cell B2 (comma separated) and your email address in cell B3. If you wish to be alerted by text messages, just replace No with Yes in cell B4.
You’ll find a new Website Monitor menu in your Google Docs toolbar. Click Initialize and you’ll get a pop-up asking for authorization. Grant the necessary access.
Go to the Website Monitor menu again and choose “Start” to begin the monitoring process. Close the Google Sheet.

That’s it. The Google Docs sheet will monitor your website in the background at 5-minute intervals and will send alerts whenever it has trouble accessing the website. If the issue is resolved, you’ll get another notification saying “all’s well.”

The uptime and downtime times get logged in the same Google Docs sheet so you can use that data to analyze the performance of your web hosting company.

   Over a month ago